MIM ACTION: Dirty Dozen Victory with Verizon But There’s Still Work to Be Done


Verizon is listening! This year we put Verizon on our Dirty Dozen List primarily because the company is a major pornography distributor through its FIOS TV service, but also because of their profit from pornography via their Wireless and Internet services.Verizon Fios offers a wide variety of hardcore pornographic videos for rent. Many customers of Verizon’s FIOS have written to us of their  disgust that this mammoth mainstream telecommunications company has turned to porn and sexual exploitation for profits.

We wrote to Lowell McAdam, Verizon’s CEO to shame him for dumping  hardcore, likely illegal, pornography on the American public.  Then we asked the public to weigh in with McAdam and Verizon’s board of directors.  On our special Verizon action web page we provided an easy way to email them and offered phone numbers of the board encouraging you to call them.  Thousands weighed in to complain complain, especially of the child-themed porn Verizon was featuring.

All the videos we complained of are now gone from Verizon’s porn offerings!  

That’s a victory – but it is not good enough.  I know you agree!

Until Verizon is out of the porn business all together we will aggressively target the company with ever-escalating campaigns.  And we have begun the next effort this week.

Read our latest letter to McAdam where we congratulate him for listening, but tell him in no uncertain terms that Verizon must get out of the porn business. We have also provided a way for the public to continue their efforts to tell Verizon to get out of the business of sexually exploiting people.

The company is still promoting certain child sex fantasy videos, some from Hustler’s  “Barely Legal” porn video series designed to appeal to these fantasies.  Actresses are selected for “Barely Legal” pornography that look very young and act like children.  Verizon is also offering many genres of porn, including porn with racial themes, violence, and other filth.

VERIZON SHOULD BE ASHAMED.  We have our work cut out for us.

YOU made Google stop selling pornographic phone apps and YOU convinced Google to prohibit advertisements for porn sites.  So let’s win more victories.  Will you join our battle against major pornographer Verizon?


Contact Verizon Here

Thank Them and Demand More.

Thank you for your help and action! Together, we are making a difference.

Even more optimistic now,

Dawn Hawkins, Executive Director


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