ACTION: The Sexploitation Factor – Reality TV Wants to PIMP Your Daughters and They’re Promising $$$$

EDITORIAL: This show is meant to recruit YOUR DAUGHTERS to a life as a sex slave for organized crime syndicates from all over the World. Once Porn Valley has your personal information, they will stalk EVERYONE you know and continually work to destroy your life unless you become a life long sex slave in their sex cult.

If you are a parent, it is time to fight for YOUR DAUGHTERS. If you have women you care about, it is time to fight for THEM ALL!


Help us Oppose Sexual Exploitation

We need your help again.

The Sex Factor is a new “reality” show, produced by the porn industry, that will air this fall where contestants compete for “porn stardom and one million dollars.”

Hopeful contestants nominate themselves and pressure their friends to be on the show via Twitter — many are posting pornographic photos on Twitter.

You’re probably in disbelief that our society has come to this. Sadly, this is really happening though.

We need your help to educate prospective viewers, participants and the general public about the harms of porn.

With your help, we will expose The Sex Factor for what it really is – SEXUAL EXPLOITATION!

Here’s what YOU can do:

Complain to Twitter: Twitter has become a ‘micro-porn’ service with tens of thousands of porn tweets an hour. Twitter is allowing users to upload porn and link to porn in order to promote this new show. Contact Twitter and tell them to stop facilitating exploitation.

Tweet: Join the conversation by tweeting about the realities of porn. Post our prepared Tweets here or write you own and include @sxfactor and #pornharms.

Send notes of encouragement and love to Miriam Weeks AKA “The Duke Porn Star Belle Knox”: She needs to know that she is worth more, that her worth is not dependent on the porn community.

Please help us spread understanding about the harms of porn and encouragement to those participating in this “reality” show.

We appreciate you!

Dawn Hawkins, Executive Director
Morality in Media &



Duke Porn Star Is Libertarian Group Campus Coordinator And Really Sad About Sex Worker Hierarchy


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