PETITION: Christians Need to Stand Against Renewing ‘Impastor’, Family Network TV Land’s Anti-Christ Venture!

The Most Recent Attack on the Church

We’re strategizing one final push against the anti-Christian TV series IMPASTOR before its first season is finished. This show MUST be canceled, but we need your help.

On July 15, the network TV Land, which is known for airing more family friendly programming like GILLIGAN’S ISLAND and BONANZA premiered an original show with a horrendously offensive premise.

TV Land’s IMPASTOR follows a near suicidal con-man who takes the identity of a gay pastor who was on his way to take over the pastoral duties at an old Lutheran church. The con-man knows nothing about the Bible, but this doesn’t stop him from pretending to be the gay pastor the congregation thinks him to be, while also participating in drugs and sexual promiscuity.

Right now, TV Land is deciding whether or not people like IMPASTOR enough in order to renew it for a second season. Help us tell TV Land and their advertisers that we do NOT want this show hurting the minds of the next generation!

Keep TV Land a Family Network

Click and Sign!

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