PETITION: Network Television Wants Us to Believe Satan Can Be Redeemed…I Believe God Says Otherwise!

New CBS show ‘Angel From Hell’ mocks Christianity, says One Million Moms

Christianity Today by Czarina Ong 13 January 2016 (CBS)

angel-from-hellJane Lynch (right) stars as the guardian angel Amy in CBS’ new series ‘Angel From Hell.’

Christian viewers were appalled when they watched a preview of CBS’s new show called “Angel From Hell,” which features a “not-so-good” guardian angel played by “Glee” star Jane Lynch.

The non-profit Christian organisation One Million Moms, which seeks to remove “filth” from the entertainment industry, is fuming because the show has a lot of “blasphemous content including crude humour, foul language and distasteful dialogue.”

Monica Cole of One Million Moms says “the previews alone can make believers sick to their stomachs.” Despite being pegged as a comedy, “Angel From Hell” has a lot of inappropriate content unfit for young viewers, Cole says.

Lynch’s character Amy utters a lot of foul language and at one point in the preview, she jokes that she never promised to be G-rated. Another shocking scene shows her character hiding liquor in children’s clothes and saying, “My booze!” The show is teaching kids the wrong things since a little boy answers back, “That’s so cool!”

“Almost every scene included the angel drinking alcohol from a flask, even on Sunday, and once at a bar. Not to mention the angel rides on a wrecking ball while busting up a concrete angel statue,” adds Cole. “Is nothing sacred anymore? Once again networks like CBS mock Christianity.”

She stresses that “Angel From Hell” is nothing but “a demeaning show portraying Christians in a negative light. This programme is another attempt to distort the truth about Christianity.”

For her part, Lynch does not see any problem with her character. The actress said that Amy appealed to her because she is “hilarious and soft and compassionate, and could be harsh when the truth needed to be told.”

Other shows aired by CBS include “The Big Bang Theory,” “Supergirl,” and “Person of Interest.”

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